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Fast access on crucial information

Our software solutions UNISOLO® POESY - RIS and Pacs are individually customisable and offer access on crucial information for medical doctors and technical staff. Do you wish to know more or have a particular question about our products?
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UNISOLO® POESY is a software solution for medical establishments and hospitals including a graphical user interface plus it runs under every Windows platform. It is approved by the "Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV)". Among others, these are further UNISOLO® POESY features:

  • detailed patient data management
  • extensive billing (health insurance, privat, employer's liability insurance association, expertise etc.)
  • electronic filing system
  • integrated calendar management
  • flexible voice processing
  • central fax solution

UNISOLO® RIS stands for Radiology Information System and efficiently supports the workflow covering anything from arranging appointments to billing:

  • individual work centre lists
  • specific analysis options
  • virtual typing office to edit diagnostic findings and reports
  • specific solutions for nuclear medicine (connection to laboratory machinery)

UNISOLO® PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication System
The Picture Archiving and Communication System, PACS in short, developed by UNISOLO enables the end user to optimally distribute medical findings and images linked with the corresponding medical data and the patients' master data. Furthermore, PACS lets the staff of medical practises and hospitals retrieve image information where it is needed. The essential components are:

  • long-term and short-term archive
  • image distribution (Image Broker)
  • worklists
  • diagnostics consoles/workstations
  • patients CD/DVD
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